Wrapping up E and looking to 2019.

I know I have said this a few times, but I seriously can’t get over it- How is it December already?!?!?! AND YET- As I started to think about wrapping up my year of “Es”, I realized- whoah, no wonder it’s gone so fast- A LOT happened this year.
So this month I’ll be looking back at the year and the focuses I had, but I’ll start with the E that sort of fell by the wayside- or perhaps looked the most different from how I envisioned it would. Entertaining.

I started the year with grand plans of throwing parties with theming and planned menus each month- or at the very least, hosting playdates! The reality was that our finances, our energy, and our time were at a premium, and I had to scale down these goals and embrace “scruffy hospitality”– opening my home in more random and informal ways. Embracing more of the imperfect in favor of building relationships.

I kind of stopped writing about those imperfect gatherings as the year progressed. Partially because I wasn’t sure how useful musing on those things would be for my readers, but also because the moments of opening my home still came and went so fast, and there were still less of them than I thought there would be.

I’m choosing grace over guilt about not quite following through on this theme. And I’m looking forward to sharing more concluding thoughts on the themes that didn’t lose steam throughout the year. I’m busy working on goals for the new year and excited to share more about those too!

2019- the year of Fs… insert jokes about how I DO give an eff… in fact, I’m going to give several of them…


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