All month I’ll be wrapping up the themes of the year, and today’s post is looking back on the theme of exploring.

It feels strange to really call this a wrap up though, because I still have so much exploring yet to do. But since that won’t be my specific focus next year… I thought I’d recap a bit of what I’ve learned from this focus and what I explored this year- mostly with my family along for the adventures, but with a few solo expeditions as well!

The big events related to exploring were for weddings. You can read about our family trip to California in THIS POST and I also got to explore a whole new state- Michigan- when I traveled to Mackinac Island. Seeing new sites, exploring gorgeous places in nature, really affirmed to me how refreshing opting outside is and that this is a good thing for me to continue and to strive to do more, even though it is not something I am naturally inclined to do. Not just traveling out of state(I used to love to travel! Now, to be frank, I kind of dread it. But because I do it so infrequently, I know that when I do decide to take the plunge, it is WORTH IT!) but even day trips, like the one we took for our anniversary this year, are great as long as they include getting outside and shifting my perspective by spending time with the world around me instead of with my face in front of a book or a screen or confined to my house (which, tragically, happens a lot when the heat hits us during those Phoenix summers!)

Speaking of Phoenix… one of the best things about focusing on exploring and being flexible about what that meant, is that it allowed me to be a bit of a tourist in my hometown. I got to explore a few different hiking trails, some of which, like the frog pond, have become family favorites.¬†We explored other kid friendly locations too, from small businesses we love to new parks than the ones we habitually visit, to different areas of our city zoo .

Going even more local- we explored our neighborhood in new ways by slowing down on our walks, going outside the normal paths, etc. We even explored our backyard thanks to trying new things in the garden and observing the little growth and changes day by day and week by week. Looking at life through the perspective of exploring new possibilities has energized me, and even though I won’t be writing about it as much in the new year, that’s a perspective I hope to keep for years to come.


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