February Wrap Up and March Goals

Here’s a recap fo February’s tending list and a look at what I’m focusing on in March:

*Prepare, Plan, and Train for Rock n Roll Vegas: YES! A few modifications to the training plan but overall I stayed focused and worked hard. I had crazy nerves leading up to and throughout race week but I completed the remix challenge and celebrated with some truly wonderful people who I love like crazy so it felt really good to check off this goal in the final days of February!
*Follow through on Fundraising and final group events with this season of Team World Vision: Yes! I was so thankful for everyone who gave to my fundraising efforts this year, including some last minute donations that were available to be matched. Team dinner (the picture of us all celebrating with he orange flags) was so wonderful and inspiring and I am just so thankful to have been a part of this season.
*Revise our newest Alphabet Shakesepare Show: YES! It happened much later than originally planned but my husband and I made it happen before I left for Vegas. We’ll have another round of editing but all the major rewrites are done and it is close to the time it should be so I am very pleased with this progress.
*Prepare for Spring Cleaning/New Routines for a more Peaceful Home: I will be honest- I made the least amount of progress here. I gathered some resources but did not make time to look through them and create a specific plan. We made lots of other plans though!
*Begin to plan 10 year anniversary!: Well we figured out a lot of things that we do not want to do or that will not work but we haven’t quite finalized what we DO plan to do. A lot of good talks here and adjustments but more to come next month.

Run with AIM prizes!

*Write in one batched, concentrated time a week- blog posts, journaling, plays, emails that require a lot of thought, etc.: This happened most weeks and it was incredibly helpful. Having a set time to let my brain get into writing mode and just keep going was how we finally ended up getting our rewrites done and it also kept me on track with the blog when other life events came up and threw me off my game.
*Hike!: Not as much as I would have liked, but it still happened once a week most weeks, even if it was a shorter hike thanks to a cranky toddler or scheduling conflicts or saving my legs for running training miles!
*Continue Run With AIM weekly challenges and check ins: This happened and our team won the first half of spring season! It was super fun to get a bunch of running related prizes and having so many super encouraging women help me through some fun weekly challenges has been lovely.
*Meal Prep/Try 1 New Recipe: 3/4 weeks this happened and we are particularly happy with a new egg bake recipe we tried for my daughter’s birthday weekend.

*Half Marathon Training + Core Work: This happened most days! Core work ended up being more like 5 days a week but it was often 10 minute workouts and I think I should have planned for some more rest days anyway!
*Yoga + Meditation: Not a perfect record but close! I don’t know how I would have been up for running so many miles in February if it weren’t for yoga to help me strengthen and recover. The sleep and calming meditations have helped me wind down most nights which I really need, especially nights where I had to run later than planned and am all hyped up with adrenaline.
*Morning Routine: It was a rough month for this but I keep on chugging along and trying again.
*Evening Routine: See above.
*10 minutes of music: I know all the components to one song! Celebrating that even though I often mess up when trying to play it and definitely can’t sing at the same time I am playing.
*Phone Curfew: This happened most nights! It was a nice little part of my bedtime routine to set my phone outside the room, start a sleep meditation, walk out of the room with my bluetooth headphones and not touch my phone again until morning. Some nights the insomnia won out and I went back to the bad habit of scrolling or indulging in the need to look something up or make a note RIGHT THAT MINUTE but I think I’m chaining my habits around this.

On to March now that I’m through my big training season for those two half marathons my focus is going to shift a bit and I’m kind of looking forward to it and seeing what I find as I reflect and recharge during the season of Lent.

Find New Doctors and Schedule Annual Doctor Appointments: I will be honest, this task is DAUNTING and something that I am not looking forward to, but after asking so much from my body the last few months it is time to make sure I am checking in on all the basics and making sure my baseline health is looked after. I also am living that #momlife of scheduling for all the kids which truly seems like an endless, thankless task but still remains important!

Purge Subscriptions and Email Lists:
Now that I have a better grasp on my inbox thanks to the work I did last month, I can more easily see which email lists I need to remove and no longer get updates on. We also have some subscription services we are planning to remove or scale back on but again, there sometimes seems to be so many hoops to jump through for what should be a fairly simple task.
Spring Clean: Aiming for peace is the theme for the year. Which means trying to get things cleaned and paid attention to that will eat away at my brain otherwise, but also means not being upset if we don’t end up attacking the entire spring clean list I assembled last month. Grace not perfection. Lived in, happy home not model home for HGTV, clean and content not spotless and stressed etc. etc. etc.
Organize/Back Up Photos: This quarterly project feels even more important since my phone died in January and I had to airdrop a few pictures to my laptop instead of the usual route of backing up so I have a few extra steps and I also want to make sure my photos are safe in multiple backup systems. I got a little behind on this so this may end up showing up again on April’s tending list but I am determined to make some progress!
Catch Up on Family Yearbook: Speaking of photo projects- I have really fallen off the wagon with our family yearbook pages. I have not made a single page since November or December of last year and it is time to catch up because not only do I value the process, my whole family values our time going back through old yearbooks and it is such a good exercise in gratitude and thinking about how we fill our weeks.

1 on 1 Family Time: You want to know the biggest casualty/sacrifice in my trainman time? It wasn’t the early mornings or the drinks and rich food I gave up the nights before my long runs. It was having the extra time to spend some 1 on 1 time at least once a week with each and every member of my family. That’s the #1 priority this month. A game with my oldest, a craft with my middle kid, a picnic in the park with the youngest, a non-writing related catch up time with my sweet husband. That’s the most important focus out of all the things on this list.
Observe the Sabbath: It has been go go go go go, only stopping when life threw us illness or total chaos we had to regroup from at one point or another. We NEED one day a week where we can have peace and be together as a family without it being about re-setting the house or knocking something off our to-do list or tackling school assignments and I hope having a sabbath routine makes way for quiet times and lenten reflections and an overall happier family.
Hiking: Hiking season will be gone in a blink. Now that I don’t have training runs I am hoping to have a longer hike once a week- solo or with the whole family or with the littlest on my back as long as I am hitting the trails for more than 30-45 minutes I’ll be happy.
Write: I got into a nice routine of batching some writing time. I’m hoping now that revisions on our show are done for now that I can keep up with blogging while adding back in some more personal journaling and reflection/creative time.
Meal Prep: Again, the theme is peace. The more we prepare for the chaotic ours of 4-6 in that pre-dinner grumpy window, the happier our home tends to be.

Write the Word/Lenten Prayer: My focus for Lent this year is getting back into my Write the Word journals. I have fallen out fo this habit and am really craving it. I also have some prayer goals for this liturgical season that I need to set aside time for daily.
Sips & Steps: Now that I don’t have a set running training plan I can just go back to focusing on hydrating and hitting a basic step count each day.
Yoga or Strength Work: My yoga practice was in maintenance mode during training season and I played it REALLY safe with some of the more challenging classes I took out of fear of injury before my races. I’m ready to find some balance poses again and explore some more challenging asanas. I am also really looking forward to working on weight training again too besides the light weight upper body work I did this past training season.
10 Minutes of Music: Little by little by little. the 10 min might be on the banjo work I’ve focused on the past two months or it might be on music with the kids. I just want to keep up the habit and keep it FUN.
Morning Routine: Adjusting this once more with a focus on bare necessities for a peaceful morning.
Evening Routine: Adjusting this once more with a focus on helping us with our spring cleaning goals.
Pray WITH My Kids: Best for last! I have a good habit of praying FOR my kids but I am not always the best at praying WITH my kids. I feel SO inspired after reading an advanced copy of the book Raising Prayerful Kids last month and I have so many kinds of prayer and prayer games I want to try out with the kids this Lent and see which ones might work best for our family in this season. If you want to read more about what I thought about the book you can look at my goodreads review or if you are interested in reading the book for yourself you can get information about pre-ordering it HERE. (you can also pre-order through amazon HERE. if you are reading this post after March 8th you can still order the book through amazon or most of your favorite retailers!)


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