Fabulous Fall: Intentional, Simple Rituals for a Cozy Season

Now that it doesn’t feel like I live on the face of the sun, I am really looking into some intentional fall feeling rituals to embrace cozy season. Hello Hygge! I am trying to lean into the start of these intentional, simple rituals right now especially because my nerves are revving up since I am in the “taper” phase of training. So here are five of my favorites that I am loving focusing on to bring me back to intentional living…

  1. a blue cup filled with a matcha latteMatcha time: A few years ago, I won a month’s supply of really high quality matcha from Samovar Tea. It is something I had always been curious about, but was a bit wary to try because my only experience with matcha before this was iced matcha lattes from Starbucks which I did not enjoy. I still only drink matcha hot and top it with just enough frothy oat milk to get a beautiful swirl and keep the earthy flavor of the drink. This is one of my favorite ways to spend intentional time in the fall. The matcha cup does not easily transport from one room to another, and it is not really supposed to be microwaved, so unlike my morning coffee it forces me to drink it while it is hot and to take ten minutes to myself to slow down and enjoy. The whole process of making it also feels like a really pleasant ritual as the steps are simple but specific, like pre-warming the cup and slowly swirling in the milk. Bonus- the caffeine level is lower than coffee so it provides a nice off ramp to my caffeinated levels in the early afternoon.
  2. Light a candle: This takes seconds, but it makes my evenings feel so calming. I am pretty picky about which candles I use as some seem to irritate my allergies or overwhelm me with their scents, but the ones I have found that suit me, I really enjoy. However, so often I just don’t take the time to use them. There is something SO cozy about having a candle lit during my bedtime routine or enjoying the glow and soft scents during my reading or yoga practice.
  3. Get outside/take a walk: Everything has been go go go go go with how many miles I have logged over the last few months. It is such a LUXURY and feels like such indulgent intentional time to just sit outside in our hammock or enjoy a cup of coffee on our back patio or go for a walk that has nothing to do with cross training or heart rate goals, just to enjoy the season and enjoy the sun not burning me to a crisp like it did all summer. This is something the whole family really enjoys (and it takes a lot less preparation than hiking, even though I love those family adventures too!)
  4. Open the windows and say thank you: Similar to lighting a candle, this takes seconds. It is like the mini version of getting outside for a walk when things are just too busy to squeeze that in. I love that fall means opening the windows to get a little fresh air in the house and I adore looking out those windows at our mountain views and expressing some gratitude.
  5. Sunday Sauce: I know some Italian families participate in this little ritual year-round, but I can’t stand to eat most hot food during July and August. (Even hot pizza stops sounding appealing and I love pizza.) But when the weather cools I love taking the time to slow cook some homemade tomato sauce. That smell of the sauce filling the house is one of my favorite things and pasta is one of those meals I know my kids won’t be picky about, so that’s a bonus! If we are feeling extra fancy we upgrade our tomatoes to Bianco’s and we can always taste the difference.

What are your favorite intentional rituals that make you feel cozy and re-centered?

PS: No affiliate links in this post- just sharing a few things I love. šŸ™‚


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