Everyday Acts of Faith

I’ve been a little slow about posting recently, but I’ve been putting a lot of effort into establishing new routines and habits and while that has been really good for my family and for me, I haven’t had enough time to process these small changes and somewhat mundane endeavors to write a post about any of it. I’m not sure I ever will or if I just need more time first, but in the meantime I thought I’d write a short post about small, everyday ways I am choosing faith, in the hopes that maybe it will resonate with someone or help you see ways you are choosing faith in the midst of your life.

*I work in the garden and when I do, I bring my faith that I will get to watch good things grow, that there will be a harvest, big or small, to make the time worth it.

*I spend uninterrupted time with my kids– and I have faith that reading the same story 42 times today will translate into literacy skills tomorrow
*I rejoice in a friend’s pregnancy– because new life is growing, and that’s amazing long before we can see any outward signs of this new little person- I have faith in the miracle of life. Even though I know of the fears and sorrow around that life never making it earthside sometimes.
*I fill in the calendar with things weeks and months away– I choose to have faith that the world will still be here long enough to bring those things to fruition, that I will still be here long enough to bring those things to fruition, even though none of us knows what will happen tomorrow. And even if it’s not as dramatic as life or death, it’s still a measure of faith that no one will have some kind of bug that makes all the plans change.
*I work out, and I have faith that I will get stronger and the things that seem impossible today may be within reach in a few months. I have to choose faith to push through the moments when my mind tells me “give up. this is too hard”
*I do small things, as I can. I have faith that I will do more as I am able, and faith that God will use the small things and multiply their effect- the way he multiplied loaves and fishes for the crowds. I have faith that, even when my work feels insignificant, it is still better than throwing my hands in the air and giving up. And in all these little ways, these acts of faith are choosing life and growth over destruction and cruelty. Two of my favorite quotes from saints relate to this, and I think their wisdom is the best way I can possibly close this post:




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