Adventure is out there!

In case you missed it, I revealed the first letter before Christmas- I’ll be focusing on Entertaining in the new year. You can go back and read that post HERE. I’m continuing my reveals for my letter E resolutions for 2018 with this post!For my second focus, E is for Explore! This focus was inspired by my kids who are so full of curiosity and love exploring all sorts of things. They inspire me to explore the world around me. I’m excited to watch my daughter explore the world of walking and then running and jumping and climbing before you know it! (OK, maybe I’m a little afraid of the climbing part since her brother was such a monkey and I think she might follow suit…) I’m looking forward to exploring everything from our backyard to some new hiking trails. The outdoors and the physical world is something I look forward to exploring with my family this coming year.
On a more intangible note, I’m looking forward to exploring:
*New Ideas
*Ways to help my son continue to learn and test out his ideas.
*New goals
*My faith even more through the tools I’ve found this past year (I felt like this focus was particularly affirmed when I read that the theme for Blessed Is She’s retreats this year is WILD!)

Quiessence at South Mountain is definitely on my to be explored list…


…and to keep the date night progress going by exploring new-to-us places around town… even if some of those spots have been around for ages. So in some ways this focus is a really lovely, cohesive way to continue the work I did on my blog and in my life this past year, and in other ways it opens the door to some fun, new, exciting adventures.

I’d love to hear your favorite ways to explore new ideas, new places, or perhaps how exploring opened your eyes to new things about places you already know and love.


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