Bardology: Tempest Begins + The Next Alphabet Shakespeare

Mini post today because it’s that kind of month and I am BECOMING better at giving myself some grace for the things that don’t get done as perfectly as i would wish or if not as much gets marked off my to do list.
So two major Shakespeare related things are happening in my life right now (three if you count Taming auditions but that is SUPER LOOSELY shakespeare related so I’ll wait until we get into rehearsals to talk about it): Continue reading


Bardology: It’s a Small World

Sorry to those of you who now hate that they have that song stuck in their head all day. But I wanted to write about how beautifully small a world it really is (one might say after all… one might have a Disney problem…) The theatrical community is inescapably interconnected. Continue reading

How Linklater & Breathing Saved my Marriage


Playing Hesperides in the production mentioned in this post… see where she comes, appareled like the spring…

I was introduced to Linklater voice work in the spring of my first year of graduate school. Everyone involved in the MFA production of Pericles needed to take an intensive workshop on it during what would have been our spring break otherwise (I believe our program director suggested that spring break was for “amateurs and undergrads”). This was important because Tina Packer and Dave Demke were directing and assistant directing and both came from Shakespeare & Company where Kristin Linklater’s work is used as a common vocabulary for such techniques as dropping in. I was a little sad that giving up spring break meant giving up some of the plans I’d made with my then boyfriend, now husband (we’d been dating 6 or 7 months at that point and one of our planned outings included wine tasting, which I was very sad to miss) but I was also excited and I had no idea how worth it that experience would be. Continue reading

Follow Your Bliss

See what I mean? Perfect ocean peace… no mention of riptides or sharks…

There’s a very popular saying of “Follow Your Bliss” that comes up a lot especially on Pinterest, in hand lettering, and in self help books or life classes. And while I’m pretty sure I agree with the spirit of the saying- that your passions will lead you to your vocation, I don’t love this Continue reading

Bardolatry: An Update

Some of you may be wondering what happened to the Bardolatry in my list of Bs since I have not been cross posting from Newlywed Shakespeare recently. Well, there’s a good explanation. I started my Newlywed Shakespeare blog as a way to keep me sharp and engaged with Shakespeare’s texts after graduate school. It worked. Continue reading

Bardolatry: Othello Act 5

***Originally Posted 2/2/15***

I finished up Othello over on the other blog. I tried to pre-write some of it since I knew this week would be crazy but even finishing seemed to melt my brain today. (Or maybe that’s the feeling of having a cold that won’t go away…) So you go enjoy some Shakespeare thoughts including one of my favorite questions to ask when teaching the play. HINT: It’s not about rhetoric.

(not that rhetoric isn’t great.)

You check on this entry, and I’m going to go make myself some more tea… be back later this week once I slog through tech and some sleepless nights with my teething tot!