C is for Community…

I wrote recently about my love for fall and my gratitude that a rough summer was coming to a close. I had some idea of how isolating being so sick this summer made me, but now that I get a few days each week where I feel human again and can make it out of the house or actually cross stuff of my to-do list, it is throwing into sharp contrast how lonely I really was. Continue reading


BABIES: In Praise of Babywearing

***This was originally posted on 1/9/15***

*Note: I mention specific brands of baby carriers in this post. This does not mean I’m endorsing them above other brands. (No one is paying me to write this blog so I really have no motivation to do that. If you know some brands who would like me to try them however….) Anyway, these are simply the carriers we have used and have worked for us. There is no universal perfect carrier.*

Those of you who follow me on Facebook have probably seen me post pictures of my son in his baby carrier. When he was a newborn we used the Moby Wrap

Well… I used it. Dan was totally thrown by how long it was and was just not that into it…

This potential side effect of baby wearing is known as sleepy dust

Around three months, we started using the Ergo, and I am not exaggerating when I say it has been a SANITY SAVER. When my little guy is having a bad teething day, I put him in the front carrying position and he can snuggle up close while I continue to get some work done, or get a workout by going for a walk or doing a few squats and lunges since he loves the up and down movement.

When he’s  having a good day I can back carry or hip carry. I have recently preferred the back carry because it’s like a little baby backpack of magical productivity. It’s the easiest carry to cook or bake in since I don’t have to navigate around little hands trying to reach out and grab the dough to eat or to work around having him in front of me and trying not to bump him on the counter.  I can even get directing prep done as long as I keep a little movement going while I work on prepping my script! Continue reading