C is for Community…

I wrote recently about my love for fall and my gratitude that a rough summer was coming to a close. I had some idea of how isolating being so sick this summer made me, but now that I get a few days each week where I feel human again and can make it out of the house or actually cross stuff of my to-do list, it is throwing into sharp contrast how lonely I really was. I am trying very hard to slowly reach back out to my community. Something that it is hard for me to balance because in truth I am still exhausted and still craving a lot of quiet alone time- which is hard with a toddler and about to become next to impossible for a bit thanks to our adjustment to life with a toddler plus a newborn coming ever closer.

It is also difficult because we’re trying to financially brace for the exorbitant costs of medical care related to pregnancy and childbirth. So that means we’re going to have to miss many of the things we love to donate to or spend money on- especially a variety of theatrical events and events which require extra travel (Did I mention we became a one car family? That’s a whole other series of things to juggle, but so far the sacrifice is worth it!) and it would be easy to stay in a bad mood about the things I’m missing… but after this summer I am just excited any time I get to connect again with parts of my community.

It is a blessing to have mom groups that have started again with the school year.

It is a blessing to see my theatre community thriving and putting up beautiful productions. (I just wish I could see or be part of them!)mom

It is a blessing to plan out family time which didn’t happen as much when we were running to so many events and commitments and side jobs.

It is a blessing to get back into volunteering where I can, even if I have had to scale back a bit.

It is a blessing to have the energy to even return texts and phone calls because that was just not happening most of the summer!

And when this new baby comes and I have to retreat into newborn mode for a few weeks/months (hoping for the former!) then it will be a blessing again to reconnect with my community both near and far.

I know this post wasn’t as focused as some others… but I have had trouble writing recently and I don’t want to slip out of the habit so this recovering perfectionist is happy enough just to put up a post while my sweet little boy has quiet time in his room… and any of you parents out there know that ANY amount of quiet time is HUGE.

Hopefully I will feel well enough to put up a cooking post later this week!


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