All the homes I’ve lived in. All the ways they shaped me.

I realized when we bought our house this year that I have lived a LOT of places. Especially compared to my parents or most people in their generations. I wanted to write a post looking back at how all those places shaped both me and my ideas of home… Continue reading

The joys of NOT entertaining

So… I had a wonderful and exhausting weekend. As I wrote about in my March Goals post, it’s. a yearly tradition for us to celebrate some of my close friends from undergrad coming into town for Spring Training games- a tradition we’ve termed “LOVEFEST” and which I look forward to every year. Continue reading

2018: Let’s Get Together…

Hello everyone! Can you believe it is almost time for a new year?! 2017 was rough in so many ways for so many people, but there was a lot of good in there too. As 2018 approaches, I’ve been brainstorming what the focus of my blog will be for the year of “E”s. This series of “announcement” posts will be short and sweet so we can all have a little extra time in the final countdown to Christmas and New Year’s… So here’s the first one: Continue reading