Baking #33: Let the Fall Flavors begin!

So… the lesson I learned from this week’s baking venture is that it’s hard to bake when your stuff is in boxes and you aren’t quite sure where you put everything. I ended up using a pot instead of a mixing bowl to mix my dry ingredients.mixing pan


Hubby and little man helped unpack so we could find things like salt and vanilla extract… Our move was a little chaotic. more on that in a post to come…

On top of that, it’s tech week so it is a crazy no-sleep-a-thon time so I didn’t exactly get pictures throughout the process because at some point multitasking breaks down. I DID, however, successfully push through the obstacles to bake my cast and crew my favorite fall recipe- amazing Pumpkin Creamcheese Snickerdoodles. This recipe starts as a pretty standard snicker doodle recipe but then you add about 3/4 cup pumpkin and stuff the cookies with a magical vanilla, cinnamon, and cream cheese center before rolling them up in a ball and in the traditional cinnamon sugar snicker doodle mixture.

IMG_5450This was also my first time trying out our gas stove. This was one of my favorite things about the house we bought and it did not disappoint! The cookies came out so evenly baked instead of me having to rotate the tray several times to make sure some didn’t end up crispy and burned. Plus, it preheated super fast which was a blessing during this time crunch!

IMG_5443Everyone at rehearsal seemed to love them and I think it helped keep everyone’s spirits up during tech! Here’s to more fall flavors! And while that means more pumpkin recipes are coming, pumpkin isn’t even my favorite fall taste- I’m talking apples, caramel, chai and other spices, butternut squash, and of course more cinnamon! and then before you know it we’ll blink and find peppermint and ginger as main flavors as the holidays come rushing in. It’s hard to believe we are rushing towards the final quarter of the year.

FullSizeRender-13 FullSizeRender

Tech week is exhausting! But babywearing for the win. We hope you’ll come see all our hard work on The Tempest at Brelby Theatre Company!


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