I’m Back! August goals and re-capping my July break…

Hello readers! I know it’s been a while and I realized I forgot to mention in my last post that I would be taking my annual mid-year blog break to enjoy some rest and recharge and think about what kind of content I want to write about the second half of the year. (Plus, with all the travel we did last month, I’m not sure how much writing I would have done anyway!)

With that being said, let’s jump into re-capping a little bit about July and then I’ll share about my August tending list. And then, HOPEFULLY, back to a semi-regular schedule! (more about that in my August goals!)

Enjoy vacations/celebrate!: Oh yes yes yes! This happened and although it was exhausting and there were bumps in the road (ie one kid getting sick while we were at a wedding, one kid throwing up during a car ride, all sorts of sleep schedules being thrown off) those are tiny things compared with all the joy and fun and beauty we experienced on our two California trips.
Be PRESENT as you reconnect with old friends: Yes! I’ll let these pictures speak for themselves

Research New Computers: We researched and now we have a new computer! We have a lot of our old stuff transferred. We still need to set up programs like Office and I need to figure out the new Windows OS which I don’t love… but progress for sure!

Photo credit for this and the two black and white images in this post: Loic Nicolas

Project Life/ Photo Routine: This happened, but not consistently. A little delayed in setting up the new computer and kind of waited until the very end of the month to have a giant catch up session with the Project Life App. Still, it happened! Just not quite weekly…
Sabbath and Self Care: This was probably a silly thing to focus on with so much travel… will be trying again in September!
Creativity Time: A good amount of the time I managed this once a week! And the time away to relax really charged up my creative muscles, so I feel like I have a lot more to work with heading into the school year!
Focused time with each kid: Sometimes this was in very small ways, but I do feel I accomplished this. I’ve especially loved doing movement and reading time with my son and having special mother daughter dates the week my son was in vacation bible school!

Hydrate: Hit and miss. Plant nanny is super helpful but there were several days I only got halfway to my goal. Ready to keep this goal at the top of my list next month as the hot temps continue to make water super important.
Evening Routine: It was a mistake to attempt this during a month with so much travel. I started making this happen toward the end of the month but it’s definitely something I’ll try again next month.
Move Your Body/8k steps: Hit and miss on this… but honestly I think I was mostly missing on the wearing my step tracker which died about halfway through the month… I mean the band literally fell apart on me so I’m ready to attempt this again with a new tracker! I’ve enjoyed trying some different ways to be active though and nothing beat the long, gorgeous walks on the beach…
Practice focusing on others: I loved this daily goal and I might bring it back in the future. Sometimes the ways were small but I definitely did this more often than not and it changed my perspective and attitude.
Caffeine Curfew/Screen Curfew: I should not have attempted this during a month with so much travel either… whoops? The caffeine curfew I was fairly successful with but in keeping with the letter of the law and NOT the spirit of the law… this usually meant that I chugged double the coffee just before that arbitrary time deadline… not exactly the goal there! The screen curfew was not even an issue most of the time when I was on vacation but did not do a great job when I was back at home. Probably something to be learned from that!

August Monthly Goals:
Finish Much Ado Directing Prep: I’m so excited to jump back into directing a full show after a long hiatus and even more excited to do so with my husband on one of the shows we love most. We are filled with so many ideas and we’ve already started cutting the script and are about to make a second pass before finalizing doubling so we can know what parts are paired together before callbacks and there are plenty of other little tasks to do in preparation for callbacks next month and rehearsals starting soon thereafter.
Celebrate Z’s wedding/seeing old friends: Yes, it’ still wedding season, and I’m super excited to celebrate one of my very dear long time friends as he gets married. I’m also a little nervous because I’m traveling to this solo and I’ve never been away from my kiddos this long before! Kind of looking forward to only worrying about my own stuff but already feeling super emotional about the time away from them- thank God for FaceTime! I’m pretty sure I’ll have lots of wonderful distraction as I spend time with old friends and soak up some beautiful new scenery.
Print Project Life Pages: We are over halfway through the year and it’s time to get myself a physical album started to hold all the digital work I’ve been doing so far. This should be such a small task but for some reason I keep putting it off so it’s going on my tending list to remind myself this is a priority!
Schedule Dr. Appts/Get new contacts: I feel like this ends up on my tending list once a quarter this year, but between the four of us it seems we have a never ending need for appointments. I also want to make sure I don’t procrastinate ordering new contacts after my eye dr. appointment this month.
Plan fall garden/Re-set raised beds: It’s that time of year! After a wild critter severely damaged one of our raised beds this spring and ate a good amount of our plants we are digging up our raised beds, putting chicken wire down on the bottom to hopefully prevent this from happening again, and replenishing the soil before we plant our fall garden. I’m so excited to plan what we’ll plant and to order seeds and to try out the seed we saved from last fall and this spring.
Breathe through this month’s transitions: There’s a TON of changes happening for our family this month- my husband starts a new position at his company, my little boy is transitioning into pre-K, and my daughter is transitioning into daycare twice a week as I transition back to working a bit more. It’s all a little intimidating and filling me with all sorts of emotions so I want to make sure I’m taking a breath, taking one step at a time, and realizing that these are all exciting, positive things- even though they may require some getting used to and shifts in our schedules!

August Weekly Goals:
Budget/Meal Plan/Family Meeting: I’m making sure we keep up with the basics as we brace for all the crazy transitions this month- meal planning and a weekly check in will be even more important as we have more moving pieces and places we need to be!
Pray the Rosary/Write the Word: A little focus and peace each week is definitely a priority. Given that our mornings are about to get a bit more chaotic I am moving my write the word journaling to a weekly goal and keeping my morning coffee and Jesus time to the Blessed is She reflections an daily readings.
Photo backup/Project Life: This is partially connected to my monthly goal of getting stuff printed but again, just a basic habit I want to maintain as our schedules shift.
Blog: I’m moving my blogging goal from twice a week to once a week at least until we get through Much

August Daily Goals:
Hydrate: It’s still summer and I’m still not doing enough of this!
Morning Routine: Putting this back on the list while we’re in transition.
Evening Routine: Still figuring this out/adjusting to it but feel like it is going to be even more important to set the family up for success with a solid evening routine, especially with needing to get the kids up
and out the door earlier than usual.
Yoga/Move Your Body: I’m open to some variety this month in time and place and style but I want to keep this habit up.
8.5k Steps: I have a new Fitbit and I’m ready to roll… er… walk/run
Gratitude Journal: When the going gets tough, the tough get after grateful!

So it’s going to be a whilrwind of a month. And even though there are a lot of blank lines on my tending list I think I may still have a little too much going on… but I’m excited to challenge myself and see what happens as we start a new school year!


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