February wrap up and March Goals

No frills in this post, just a quick recap of February’s tending list and a look at how I’m planning to work on my goals in the month of March. Here we go…

*Plan and Celebrate Baby’s 1st Birthday: Success! We had love from near and afar on our sweet Valentine’s birthday and took many fun pictures of her experiencing ice cream and pie for the first time
*Finish Baby Book/order prints: This did not get finished but DEFINITELY significant progress made and I think I’ll be able to finish up in March!
*Plan Spring Break: Our plan is not to plan anything- aka we aren’t taking a trip/booking an air bnb, COVID being what it is, but we did brainstorm a few day trip ideas and other fun alternatives.
*Declutter house and get donations out of the garage: Progress here! We still have a lot to work on but we finally got some bags/boxes out of the garage and have tackled small areas of the house.
*Try 2-3 New Recipes: Yes! MOST of them were a success. One we will not revisit.
*Transfer favorite recipes from online to physical cards: I started this project but it definitely needs to continue next month.

So peaceful and beautiful

*Solo Hike: Yes. These solo weekend hikes were SO wonderful for my sanity and to re-center for the next week!
*Write the Word Wednesdays: I didn’t always do this right on Wednesday, but I did make sure I did my write the word journals at least once a week.
*Self Care Sundays: 3/4 isn’t bad!
*Photo Routine/PL Pages: I am still sooooo behind on this but catching up…. this was the leas successful goal of the month.
*WRITE!: Not as much as I wanted to, but I at least got all my blogging stuff done.

*Yoga/Meditation: Happy to say I did this every day but the one day I was really sick with mastitis.
*1 on 1 time (even 10 minutes!): Hit and miss but this happened more than it didn’t so I’m pretty happy with that and so is the fam!
*Sleep Hygiene: This was the least successful daily goal and is showing up again on the list next month.
*Evening Routine: Hit and miss but improving.
*Move My Body: Almost every day and I feel SO MUCH BETTER when I do!!

On to March…. aka SPRING! (Although in Phoenix we just call it pre-summer because it is already quite warm!)

*Finish Baby Book (for real!): a holdover from last month, but with the momentum and progress I had in February this should get finished in March barring anything too crazy!
*Photo purge/organize: SOOOOOO behind on all of this and really hoping to set aside large chunks of time to catch up in March.
*Spring Clean/Purge: So much more to do here, but it’s the perfect time of year for it!
*Spring Break Celebrations and Spring Bucket List: The kids are so excited for spring break and I’m so ready to create and check off another family seasonal bucket list.
*Social Media Purge: I’ve entered a lot of contests the last few months on instagram and I just need to purge some of that, I also will be purging my mailing lists/email back to inbox 0
*Finish Recipe Box Project: Pretty self explanatory… moving our favorite recipes from just online to physical form…

*Photo Routine/Project Life Pages: The good news is- my kids are back to in person school (for now- hopefully can stay that way safely through the end of the school year!) so that means school pickup line is the perfect opportunity to knock out some memory keeping (only when I’m in park and waiting… don’t worry, safety first.)
*Hike x2: Our scheduling is a little weirder in March so the hiking goal has shifted a bit from one solo hike to two hikes a week in whatever way I can make them happen.
*Meal Prep: With the kids back in school we have to plan out school lunches and snacks again and the afternoons/early evenings feel even crazier so meal prepping is now a must once more.
*Write: I still have so much I want to write and such comparatively little time, but I’m reminding myself that taking any amount of time each week and just writing whatever and however much I can is still a win and still progress.

*Hydrate: It is already getting warm here and I need to re-up my hydration! I was so good at this in January and then fell off the wagon a bit last month so time to get back to it.
*Steps and Strength: I don’t have specific mileage for running or hiking goals this month, but I do want to make sure I’m keeping up my 10k+ step count and I’d like to do some sort of strength work almost every day- even if it’s just a few minutes of squats throughout the day. I intentionally pulled back on some physical activity last month so I could focus on some other things (a lot of planning, writing, reading, more necessarily sedentary stuff) that I wanted to feel free to enjoy and I’m hoping this month and next to take advantage of as many beautiful days as AZ is willing to give me before the heat becomes a real force to be reckoned with.
*Sleep Hygiene: I am still not consistently cutting off screen time early enough, (or caffeine early enough, though at least I’ve switched from coffee to matcha in the afternoons…)being ruthless with starting a bedtime routine etc. etc.
*Evening Routine: This routine changed a lot with the kids back at school so it is definitely staying on the tending list a few more months…
*Daily Lenten Readings: Lent started last month and I’ve been reading this book called Lent and Easter Wisdom from St. Ignatius Loyola. I want to continue with my daily readings each morning to set the tone for the day.


And that’s the plan for March! We’ll see how it goes. In the meantime, I’m off to enjoy some gorgeous sunshine 🙂

*Don’t worry friends still stuck in winter weather, we’ll get our miserable days this summer and I promise not to begrudge you all the celebrating of your own gorgeous weather then!*


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