January Wrap Up and February Goals

The first month of the year is almost over, and I can’t decide whether it flew by or felt like the longest month ever… anyone else feel that way? Anyway, here’s a re-cap of how my January goals went and what’s on the tending list for February. OH, and if you want to jump on the Powersheets train… you can get them HERE (they are almost sold out of the yearly planners and those will definitely be gone by the next time I post a monthly goals post so now is the time!)

January Monthly Goals:
*Plan and Celebrate my Daughter’s Birthday: YES! We had SO MUCH FUN having a donut themed birthday celebration. We kept it small because my daughter is a little introverted and we also had a special mother/daughter birthday date the day before.
*Prepare for and enjoy MOPS retreat: THIS WAS SO GOOD THAT IT NEEDS ITS OWN POST. So look for that next week.
*Scheduel Dr. Appointments and Insurance Follow Up: MOSTLY this happened. I still have a few things to schedule and a few follow up billing things to check, but lots of appointments were made and even already happened. And I even followed through with an appointment for which I had a really easy out. I’m glad I got it over with and can stop worrying about it!
*New Year’s Date and Family Time: Already accomplished this before I posted about January goals- you can read that post HERE.
*Set Reading Goals & Preliminary Reading List for 2019: Yes! Excited to have started tackling the year strong and added a bunch of different genres to my to-read list. 
*Print 2018 Scrapbook Pages:
 The yearly deal I was waiting for has yet to materialize!! BUT I am officially caught up on my pages for when someone offers a quality printing deal that fits our budget and I’m hoping not to fall that far behind again…

January Weekly Goals:
*Meal Prep/Budget Check In/ Family Meeting: YES. We… had a bit of a rough budgeting month because we forgot that we needed to plan for car maintenance, but our weekly check ins made it easier to navigate through that and regroup with a new plan without throwing off our savings too much.
*Phone Free Family Time (Fridays when possible): YES! I kind of freaking love this tradition. We might need to pick a new night when I have shows running, but for now we are keeping this. And this is helping us have more FUN- intentionally planning game nights and movie times and just time to be silly with the kids or make a special dinner.
*1 on 1 time with the kids: YES. I think I missed one week with my son due to illness, but I am consistently amazed at how different their behavior is when they get this individual attention.
*World Vision Fundraising and Thank Yous!: YES! Every donation has meant so much to me. I literally cry every time another person gets clean water and it has been a joy thanking people who are joining with me to make this fundraising successful. I can’t believe race day is just over a week away.
*Re-set a room: Hit and miss, but definite progress compared to what the house was like just after the holidays.
*Me-time/ meaningful self care: Not the greatest track record on this, but I’m going to say that the retreat made up for the weeks I missed.

January Daily Goals:

It will be strange when my Saturday mornings don’t revolve around this view and running running running…

*Team World Vision Training: Yes. This went really well and I stuck very closely to the training plan, better than I thought I would given a few scheduling conflicts that came up. But apparently fear that I might have to crawl across the finish line on race day is a good motivator to stick with a daily habit… not the motivator I’d recommend for all your goals, but this was only needed for a finite time, not a long term habit.
*No phone in bed: 
Oof. the addiction is real and I didn’t do a great job with this. I’m going to try again in February!
*Morning Routine: Hit this over half the time. Trying to decide if I should give up weekend mornings as a lost cause, or try to be consistent with every day, even when I want to be lazy about it on Saturday and Sunday…
*Evening Routine: Not great, but better than months in the past. Progress… definitely nowhere near perfection… and it doesn’t have to be!
*Hydrate: Ups and downs here, but overall I’m back in the habit and feeling good about pre-race day hydrating over the next week!

February Monthly Goals:
*FINISH MY HALF MARATHON!!!!: Oh my goodness I can’t believe we are finally to my marathon month… in some ways it went so fast and in other ways it feels like I’ve been training forever, but I’m feeling pretty nervous and pretty excited to actually do this thing…
*Finish World Vision Fundraising: I made huge strides toward my goal in January and am praying to hit my goal by race day! If you want to contribute to bringing life changing clean water and hop, click HERE to be taken to my fundraising page.
*Finish filing taxes and steward our tax cut well: My husband made a great start on this while I was away on retreat and we are just waiting for some final information we need for our state returns and then waiting to see how long it will take to process… hoping to pay off some debt and then save most of it for school fees for the kids and then keep a little for an anniversary splurge, especially since one of my focuses this year is FUN.
*Valentine’s Date: Speaking of fun… I am looking forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day. I used to kind of hate this holiday- back when I thought you had to celebrate it in the traditional ways that are marketed to you- but now it’s all about fun crafts with my kids and unique ways to say I love you to my hubby, so I’m all about it.
*Plant Spring Garden: I’m actually a little behind on this goal and meant to plant last week, so hopefully I’ll get some stuff to grow before the heat kicks in, but I am simplifying this season and only using seeds we already have either from me saving seed last year, from seed packets I didn’t finish the last two seasons, or from seeds we checked out from the library!
*Re-set office: The office functions as so many things for us that we have just not figured out how to use it efficiently and it always gets cluttered/out of control so quickly. And once it gets past a certain point I just kind of shut it out of my brain and don’t want to deal with it. However, with my schedule picking up again and directing projects lining up, I need to take care of this and give myself a space to process work tasks and household tasks efficiently.
*Prepare Spring Directing Projects: I am so excited to be working on As You Like it with Brelby Theatre Company as well as a new work called An Ocean of Bees with The Bridge Initiative as a part of their Bechdel Test Fest. I have a lotto prep work I want to do on both scripts this month before rehearsals start rolling on AYLI in March and I am thrilled to have it as one of my priorities this month.
*Bulk meal prep: This will hopefully be an end of month task so that everything runs more smoothly next month when I’m back in rehearsals most nights! We like to do this each spring anyway because it is cost and time efficient.

February Weekly Goals:
*Mask Mondays: A friend of mine has a green beauty blog and for a while she was doing a tradition of Mask Mondays to try out new facial masks she might like. I have two that I got for my last birthday that are going to go bad if I don’t start using them regularly and since my “me time and meaningful self care” goal didn’t quite go to plan last month, I thought getting really specific this month might help.
*Screen Free Day: The addiction is real and I’m not sure if I’ll succeed, but I want to see what happens if I just set aside one day to check my email once in the morning before seeing my kids and once in the evening after they are in bed and then going ALL DAY without checking my phone or being on my computer…
*Family Fun: Want to intentionally look for little and big ways to have more fun and shake us out of our to-do list grind as we find new rhythms and routines.
*Project Life Catch Up: After investing so much time in catching up on the 2018 family scrapbook, I want to get back in the habit of doing weekly pages each week so I’m not struggling to remember what I wanted to add to the journaling cards. I also need to get back into the photo back-up routine I developed last spring and let slip shortly thereafter.
*World Vision Thank Yous: Nothing so joyful as expressing gratitude for people who are helping me change lives! Want to make sure I don’t get behind on this in the final push toward race day.
*Budget Check In/Meal Plans: This is honestly habit by now, but it’s also one of the most important parts of our week and I like acknowledging that it is still a priority.

February Daily Goals:
*Caffeine Curfew: My sleep habits are not great and I need them to improve so I”m throwing a bunch of different things against the wall in the next few months and right now that thing is not having caffeine after 12:30.

Just me crying my eyes out after finishing reading Charlotte’s Web to my little boy… 

*Morning Routine: Getting back at it with more success last month and making the executive decision that I get Saturdays off… hoping for this to start really feeling like a habit instead of a checklist soon.
*Evening Routine: Hoping for more success than last month. Because I think this is another component of that sleep hygiene I am just struggling with so much.*READ:
Making it a priority this month not only because I will have less time next month, but also because the more I read the more my creativity seems unlocked, and I need that going into more creatively demanding work.
*Spread Love:
It may be a compliment or a quick text, it may be bringing someone dinner or flowers… I just am feeling acutely that the world needs more love and tis the season with Valentine’s Day and everything…
*10k Steps:
Keeping this on for the next few months because I have a feeling I will be struggling with this again once the half marathon training is over…

So that’s the overview for February! Now that I type it all out, I may have bitten off more than I can chew, but we’ll see how it goes and keep it flexible. 🙂



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