Year End Wrap Up: Dating

Well… even with a newborn and some ups and downs and setbacks and even when we couldn’t make it out of the house… we did accomplish the goal of a date night a month. Continue reading


December Goals and Powersheets Prep…

I hope everyone had an amazing thanksgiving! I took the week off posting to savor the days my husband took off work and the time with family and friends. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t writing though… Continue reading

Lost Days

It has been a very different summer from the one that I expected. Our trip back in May was fabulous but had some bumps in the road and didn’t quite go to plan, my husband was still traveling the end of May, my family went through hard times, and I have been going through some exhausting times as well. And now that we have shared our big news, I can let you all in on some of the REAL reasons I’ve been struggling with blogging and taking big breaks from social media. (Settle in because this is a long post… grab some wine. I’ll sip my cranberry juice and pretend I’m having wine too…) Continue reading